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How to set your Recovery Email

At KnownHost, we provide the ability to recover your account to an alternative email in the event something happens to your primary email address. These things could be like: This recovery email will be used to login to your account. How it works is when you use the “Reset My Password” function, it sends a […]

How to Submit a Ticket

With the new system, the support portal is integrated into your account. There’s no longer a need for two separate URLs or interfaces for KnownHost services – everything is now in one convenient location. This streamlines your experience, reducing confusion and eliminating the need for multiple logins. Accessing your Tickets To access your tickets, you’ll want […]

How to Manage Users on Accounts

We’ll be going over how to add/invite new ‘managers’ into your account as well as explaining what the differences are between Managers and Added Contacts with the permissions available to them. This feature will allow users who resell and/or provide services direct to their customers the ability to manage their customers and their customers helpdesk […]

Domain Registration

KnownHost offers domain registration services for some of the most popular TLDs. Purchasing your domains through us has many benefits including centralized service management and the ability for our support team to set and/or register nameservers for you reducing the amount of work you need to do. We also offer FREE domain privacy for life on eligible […]

How to access your servers IPMI/KVM

All of our dedicated servers (managed or unmanaged) come with the ability to utilize IPMI/KVM to access your server in the event that other normal methods don’t work (such as SSH). IPMI or Intelligent Platform Management Interface is useful in the event of several server-related events. Events as: Network unresponsive SSH not available Finalizing an […]

Reinstalling the OS on Dedicated Servers

This article is information on reinstalling the Operating System on Dedicated Servers. This will primarily pertain to Unmanaged Dedicated server customers so that they know how to change their OS and/or reinstall their current OS. However, our Managed Customers who wish to take a more “hands on” approach can reinstall their OS (CentOS 7/CentOS 8) too. As of this time, […]

How to set rDNS

To set the rDNS on your provided IP’s allocated to your Dedicated Server, you’ll need to be logged into your Dedi. Server Management Panel. This article assumes that How to Access the Dedi Management Panel has been read and you’re familiar how to login. Once you’re within your panel, you’ll want to manage the server you wish […]