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How to access your servers IPMI/KVM

All of our dedicated servers (managed or unmanaged) come with the ability to utilize IPMI/KVM to access your server in the event that other normal methods don’t work (such as SSH). IPMI or Intelligent Platform Management Interface is useful in the event of several server-related events. Events as: Network unresponsive SSH not available Finalizing an […]

How to set rDNS

To set the rDNS on your provided IP’s allocated to your Dedicated Server, you’ll need to be logged into your Dedi. Server Management Panel. This article assumes that How to Access the Dedi Management Panel has been read and you’re familiar how to login. Once you’re within your panel, you’ll want to manage the server you wish […]

Here at KnownHost all Budget Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated servers come with a management panel interface that allows our customers to easily access and control various options of their server including: Bandwidth review rDNS configuration OS Reinstalls IPMI/KVM Access Power controls This interface is accessible via the website under your account information and active […]