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How to access your KnownHost Dedi Management Panel

Here at KnownHost all Budget Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated servers come with a management panel interface that allows our customers to easily access and control various options of their server including:

  • Bandwidth review
  • rDNS configuration
  • OS Reinstalls
  • IPMI/KVM Access
  • Power controls

This interface is accessible via the website under your account information and active services.

You’ll want to login to your account at, once logged in you’ll want to see the service and select “Manage”

dedi management panel

Then you’ll want to go to “Server Information & Control”

From here, simply click the “Login to Dedi. Management Panel”

dedi management panel login

This will log you in to your server management panel where you can manage the different dedicated servers under your account.

Clicking “manage” beside the service will bring you to your management page for that specific server, which should bring you to the final page where all the server details are listed:

From here, you’ll have the options to:

  • Manage rDNS
  • Access IPMI
  • Reinstall OS
  • Restart/Power down the server
  • Review bandwidth history


Now that we’ve gone over how to access your KnownHost Dedi Management Panel.

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