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MailChannels Email Delivery

You’re sending emails to important users or users that have subscribed to specific content, however you’re constantly being met with blacklists or bouncebacks for those necessary users, because of this your emails aren’t making it to their desired recipient. This could be due to specific users on your server sending the wrong kind of email or it could be over-zealous mail recipients that scrutinize heavily on where the mail is coming from. It’s due to situations such as these that the MailChannels Email Delivery service was made available as an addon for providing dependable email deliverability for your VPS or Dedicated Server.

We get it, email is important and that’s why we’ve brought this service to KnownHost. We understand that emails are an important aspect to a businesses operations and that your emails need to reach their destination.

KnownHost started offering an INBOUND/OUTBOUND filtering service in 2021. This service is available for usage for any customer that has a VPS, Cloud or Dedicated server with KnownHost, managed or unmanaged.

The goal of this service is to provide reliable dedicated mailing services for those who need it at a reasonable and competitive price point.

MailChannels Email Delivery is perfect for:

  • Improving deliverability of mail
  • Filtering inbound mail from spam
  • Transactional emails
  • Customers who experience frequent blocks from providers such as Microsoft despite doing nothing wrong.

The MailChannels plans listed below are for the number of Outbound SMTP messages included into each plan. Inbound messages are not counted and are handled on a per domain pricing, see footnotes of the chart below.

PlanIncluded MessagesRetail Price
Intro 220,000$50
Starter 250,000$90
All plans come with 5 Inbound Domains included
Additional Inbound Domains are $3.50 per domain

For any questions regarding pricing or other information not covered by this article, please contact us.

MailChannels Integration Methods

The integration methods for cPanel and DirectAdmin differ as a result of this, cPanel handles MailChannels integration through a plugin provided by MailChannels and DirectAdmin is a more manual approach and requires the adding and modifying of custom exim configuration files.

Inbound filtering requires an API Key that is not available for KnownHost MailChannels users as such that warning inside cPanel can be ignored.

As a result the inbound configurations within the cPanel plugin do not work with our MailChannels service at this time. The cPanel plugin can only handle Outbound configuration properly.

Inbound filtering must be setup manually as it is with DirectAdmin.

MailChannels (cPanel):
MailChannels (DirectAdmin):

For both, however, configuring Inbound for MailChannels simply requires the following:

  • Adding their domain within the Domain Management Interface.
  • Setting Downstream Records for Forwarding Mail within the MailChannels Domain Management Interface
  • Setting MX Records and testing mail deliverability and crosschecking against MailChannels logs

When it comes to Outbound configuration the MailChannels cPanel plugin will automatically handle the adding of the SPF record for every eligible domain. Eligible domain being those that’s DNS Records are handled by the server in which the plugin is used as such for any domains not using the DNS but are using the servers email then the record must be applied manually.

As DirectAdmin does not have a plugin the DNS records for SPF must be added manually for each eligible domain.

The SPF record that needs to apply to every domain using the service for outbound email is:


Overall, we feel that the MailChannels Email Delivery service will be beneficial for users whose emails are critical to their day to day operations. Providing you with that peace of mind knowing that your emails reach their destination so you don’t have to worry about bouncebacks or blacklists due to a rogue email. Personal or business mailing use, the desired result will be the same. Your email deliverability will improve with MailChannels.