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How to unblock yourself from CSF on Shared/Reseller services?

ConfigServer Security & Firewall is the most commonly used software firewall in a shared hosting environment. Due to multiple failed login attempts for shared hosting accounts, users get temporarily blocked in the CSF firewall and encounters the warning message.

CSF blocked message

Learn, how to unblock yourself from CSF on Shared/Reseller services.

First, you try to access the cPanel Login Page. In our case, i.e.,,

CSF cpanel login page

Next, solve the CaptchaClick on the Unblock button.

CONFIRM CSF how to unblock yourself on shared:reseller services

You should see the success message at the bottom of the page,

Passed human test. Please wait a few seconds and your IP address should be unblocked and you can return to the website:.
CSF success removed IP from firwall


Now that we’ve gone over how to unblock yourself from the most commonly used software firewall, ConfigServer Security & Firewall AKA CSF on Shared/Reseller services.

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