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How to Restart a VPS or Dedicated Server?

Restarting a KnownHost VPS or dedicated server can be accomplished in several different ways, depending on how you’re connecting and logging in and whether or not you’re using a control panel.

Restart VPS or Dedicated Server using WHM

WHM is built to make routine server administrative tasks quicker and easier, so why not use it for restarting the server?

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Using the search bar under the WHM logo, search for: reboot
  3. Click on Graceful Server Reboot aka Graceful Restart
  4. Click the button Proceed

Restart VPS or Dedicated Server using DirectAdmin

If you’re a DirectAdmin control panel user, restarting the server can be done directly from within DirectAdmin.

  1. Login to DirectAdmin
  2. Choose Admin Tools → Service Monitor
  3. Click on REBOOT
  4. Input your password and click REBOOT
  5. Check for the Server was Successfully Rebooted message

Restart VPS or Dedicated Server using SSH

Arguably faster and easier than using a control panel, a VPS or dedicated server can be restarted via SSH by connecting to the box and issuing a one line command!

Step 1 

  • Login to the server using SSH (as root)

Step 2 

  • Enter the command:
  REBOOT  (for a graceful restart)

Step 3

  • For a forceful restart change the command to:

Step 4 

  • A similar alternative of this command is:

Note: There are some differences between the Shutdown and Reboot commands. Shutdown is a runlevel 0 event versus Reboot which is runlevel 6. Signal differences to the hardware can mean that logged events for the two methods appear differently, but in the real world most users will find that either/both will result in the box restarting, which is the desired effect.