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It is quite common to see automated attempts to locate PHPMyAdmin URLs for the purpose of bruteforcing when perusing the webserver access logs and domain logs. You can eliminate the threat of attacker success by restricting access to PHPMyAdmin to the panel only. This will require that a user is already logged into the DirectAdmin […]

phpMyAdmin is asking for a password to login

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Sometimes when you try to access the phpMyAdmin through either cPanel or WHM directly you encounter with phpMyAdmin login screen, This error occurs when the MySQL password for the cPanel User or Root user is out of sync. To fix this problem, you need to change the password for the cPanel/Root user using the following […]

With the recent influx of cPanel to DirectAdmin migrations, one area of confusion has resulted in PHPMyAdmin access. Let’s clarify the cause of the confusion and a resolution to resolve/prevent it.Until recently with DirectAdmin, PHPMyAdmin access would require a login. This login would require the database user’s credentials (typically found within the site’s configuration file). […]

You might have interacted with the PhpMyAdmin to manage the database tables, repair the database table, and for many small tasks. Before that, we will learn more about how to check the MySQL version and how to repair and create a table using PhpMyAdmin? Check MySQL Version MySQL is the most popular Relational Database Management […]

How to access phpMyAdmin in the DirectAdmin?

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DirectAdmin has access to phpMyAdmin. This database management tool makes it easy to access, modify, and change databases, including altering tables or rows within your server’s MySQL/MariaDB service. You can access it by three methods, Using DirectAdmin interface. https://domain/phpmyadmin https://domain/pma Learn, How to access phpMyAdmin in the DirectAdmin? 1. First, to login into the DirectAdmin […]

Unlike its counterpart, DirectAdmin still requires some manual modification in order to adjust certain values outside of the DirectAdmin panel. This makes DirectAdmin require a bit more hands-on knowledge for those savvy with command lines and for those and those that aren’t — this article is to tell you what to change and how to […]

WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the #1 Rule About Working with the WordPress Database / Tables? The most important WordPress rule is to backup the database before making changes! What’s the #2 Rule About Working with the WordPress Database / Tables? Make sure you work on the table you’re concerned with as well as the meta tables that contain […]

MySQL/MariaDB It is very simple to set up remote connections in MySQL/MariaDB thanks to the WHM and cPanel interfaces. You will need to known advance what IP/hostname, or IPs/hostnames, require database access because you will need to specify them in the panel. If your IP is dynamic, you may be able to inquire your ISP […]