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MySQL users are used to connect to MySQL Databases in all sorts of different website based applications. Within cPanel this is performed by tying a MySQL user to a MySQL database in which that user will then authenticate to connect and access that database. Sometimes, you may find that you need to change the password […]

How to repair MySQL database in cPanel?

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Databases in MySQL can sometimes be fickle as the tables within the database grow in size. As this happens you may experience table errors or corruption that cause issues with your website loading properly. The first thing you should attempt to do is repair the database and see if that corrects the issue. cPanel provides […]

How to connect to MySQL Remotely in cPanel?

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If you’re a developer and want to access the MySQL database remotely from your local system. In that case, cPanel offers Remote MySQL functionality through which you need to allow your IP to get started. Allow Remote Connections 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to Databases → Remote MySQL®. 3. Provide […]

Creating a MySQL database, User, and assigning that User to the Database through a command-line interface may get tricky for newbies who don’t know of it. Through cPanel, this job gets easier. All you have to do is perform some informed clicks and VOILA! You’re good to go! How to create a MySQL Database? 1. […]

How to Manage WordPress Users

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How to Reset a WordPress User Password using SQL? You can quickly set a user your new password to the ‘somenewpassword’ text below, assuming that the user login is ‘theirusername’. Change the username and password to whatever you’d like and execute the query. How to Get a List of Subscribers? The below example will get […]

MySQL/MariaDB It is very simple to allow MySQL/MariaDB remote access thanks to the WHM and cPanel interfaces. You will need to known advance what IP/hostname, or IPs/hostnames, require database access because you will need to specify them in the panel. If your IP is dynamic, you may be able to inquire your ISP about the […]

If you are experiencing database connection errors, then look no further for troubleshooting assistance! This guide details the common causes of the dreaded Database connection error, how to find the root cause, and what to do to fix it. The commands in this article work with MySQL or MariaDB on CentOS 6 or 7 cPanel […]

When you create a table in MySQL, or MariaDB, you can choose a storage engine. The storage engine is the way the table data is stored in files or sometimes memory. There exist several different storage engines, but the most commonly used ones are MyISAM and InnoDB, each of which are the default storage engine in different MySQL […]