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How to reset the MySQL root password?

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DBAs (Database Administrators) need to have root-level access to MySQL; sometimes, you might need to change the MySQL password for security or other reasons. In this article, you will learn how to reset the MySQL root password?

Using WHM Panel

1. First, login into WHM panel, or https://IP-address: 2087 or https://server-hostname: 2087.


2. Navigate to SQL Services → MySQL Root Password.

change mysql root password

3. Enter the password  Click on Change Password.

enter new password for root mysql

3. Congratulations! You have successfully changed MySQL password for root.

how to change mysql root password

Using SSH

1. Login to SSH and run the following to login into MySQL as user root and enter the present MySQL’s root user password,

mysql -u root -p
login to mysql root with password

If did not configure any password for MySQL root user then run the following command and simply hit Enter,

login to mysql as root user

2. Run the following command to set the new password,


In the above command, we changed MySQL’s root user password to “MY-NEW-PASSWORD”; replace ‘MY-NEW-PASSWORD” with the desired password.

how to change mysql root password using cli

3. Next, run the following command to flush the privileges,



We’ve gone over how to reset the MySQL root password for WHM and use the command-line interface. If you ever want to change the MySQL root password, you need to go through this article.

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