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If you are experiencing database connection errors, then look no further for troubleshooting assistance! This guide details the common causes of the dreaded Database connection error, how to find the root cause, and what to do to fix it. The commands in this article work with MySQL or MariaDB on CentOS 6 or 7 cPanel […]

When you create a table in MySQL, or MariaDB, you can choose a storage engine. The storage engine is the way the table data is stored in files or sometimes memory. There exist several different storage engines, but the most commonly used ones are MyISAM and InnoDB, each of which are the default storage engine in different MySQL […]

Importing and dumping backups from command line is more efficient than using a GUI like phpMyAdmin. Command line queries for MySQL don’t follow any PHP limits, so importing or exporting MySQL backups is easier and it’s very unlikely that you’ll run into any errors that phpMyAdmin may. Dumping a MySQL database, explained The mysqldump command writes a plain text […]