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For storage of data for applications, you must need a Database. Traditionally we use a command-line interface for creating a database and assigning a user to it. In DirectAdmin, we can perform all the actions using the graphical user interface. Let’s see how to create and manage databases, users in DirectAdmin? How to create a […]

MySQL users are used to connect to MySQL Databases in all sorts of different website based applications. Within cPanel this is performed by tying a MySQL user to a MySQL database in which that user will then authenticate to connect and access that database. Sometimes, you may find that you need to change the password […]

Creating a MySQL database, User, and assigning that User to the Database through a command-line interface may get tricky for newbies who don’t know of it. Through cPanel, this job gets easier. All you have to do is perform some informed clicks and VOILA! You’re good to go! How to create a MySQL Database? 1. […]

Option 1: Login to phpMyAdmin, highlight your database and browse the tables. Check the “Type” column to see what type of tables they are… Option 2: Use phpMyAdmin SQL tab and run the query to find the tables that might still be MyISAM: Why Change from MyISAM to InnoDB? Depending on when you installed WordPress […]

WordPress Database Guide

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What is a WordPress Database The WordPress database is where information is stored regarding pages, posts, comments, themes, plugins, users – all kinds of great stuff! Within the database there are 12+ tables which store specific, related information. What Database Server Storage Engines are Supported by WordPress? Currently MySQL and MariaDB. Perhaps someday we’ll see […]