The Advantage of Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Small Business

benefits of managed hosting

The last thing that owners of small businesses that run their own company website or online store want to spend money, time, and effort on would be server management. This is precisely the reason small businesses rely on fully managed hosting services.

Just to make sure that everyone’s on the same page, managed hosting simply refers to the process wherein the hosting provider takes care of all issues that are related with the server. Basically, you do not only pay for the hosting cost, but you also pay the hosting company to manage the server for you.

Let’s see in summary what are some of the benefits that managed web hosting can bring to small businesses.

#1 – Efficient server monitoring

Server monitoring is a crucial process that can affect your business. Up-time is very important for your online business success and this involves constant monitoring of servers for any irregularities or potential issues that the server may experience. Although this is possible to be self-managed, it requires certain skills and time to be accomplished. Through managed web hosting, professional system admins will use their expertise in order to ensure network availability and great server uptime.

#2 – Stronger security

Obviously, the security of the server and protection of website and customer data is one of the top priorities of any organization. Some of the important aspects related to security are the following:

  • Scanning for viruses
  • Running security audits
  • Configuration of software firewall
  • Spam Filtering
  • OS updates

By using managed hosting services, you are able to enjoy stronger security through the various advanced tools and wide experience of the system engineers responsible for security issues. Furthermore, they can also detect certain vulnerabilities and address these to prevent attacks to your servers.


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#3 – Not Just OS Management

Managed hosting is not just about managing the operating system of the server but also administering other important services, one of them being database services. Database management requires database administrators instead of just general system admins. The role of a database administrator is very important for the normal functioning of a modern website. When you register for managed web hosting services, you will be able to work with database administrators who have sufficient knowledge to support your database environment.

#4 – Data backups

Keeping regular and up-to-date backups of your data is very important because losing valuable data can negatively impact your business. It is thus crucial to keep your data secured and backed up. One of the advantages of managed hosting services is that your hosting provider can help you ensure that your data is backed up correctly and in a state that can be retrieved and used, if needed.

#5 – Save money and time

As a small business owner, it is very important to save as much money and time as possible. By paying experts to manage your servers, you will be able to save some of your time, which you can use to concentrate on growing your business. Aside from that, because a knowledgeable and experienced professional is performing the required tasks related to server management, you can be assured that everything will be fine and you won’t have to lose money due to server problems.

#6 – Reduce your operating costs

Unmanaged hosting services have a lot of hidden expenses. You may have to hire system admins, database administrators, as well as other professionals that will manage your servers. Most of the time, it is more practical to find a reliable hosting partner and purchase one of their managed web hosting services, because they already have the right professionals and tools to handle all issues related to server management.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gained a deeper understanding about what managed web hosting services can offer and the benefits for your company, you can appreciate better the differences between managed and unmanaged hosting.

If you are currently using unmanaged hosting, contact us and one of our professionals will explain to you about the benefits of using our managed hosting services and how to get started.

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