Why a Unmanaged Service Might Make Your Life Difficult

managed vps hosting vs unmanaged vps hosting

What is the difference between a managed vps server VS an unmanaged vps hosting package? What is the best option for bloggers and online business owners and which one should you choose.

VPS hosting is a very popular choice for many web site owners since it offers the advantages of a dedicated server but at an affordable cost. When choosing vps hosting you can choose between a managed or unmanaged vps server. Let’s see below the difference between the two.


Managed VPS Hosting

Managed vps hosting is the ideal solution for both non-technical but also technically savvy people since the hosting provider takes care of any technical tasks related to the server. In other words the web hosting provider is responsible for managing the server including system upgrades and configuration and your job is to do what you are supposed to do i.e. run your website or online business.

When purchasing a managed vps package the web hosting provider will manage the server and while you will have administrative access through a control panel to do whatever you want with your server, they will still make sure that it is available, has up-to-date system software, it is secured and has the available hardware resources to run according to the vps package specification.


Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is different from managed vps hosting in a number of ways. First and foremost the hosting provider is responsible for providing you with the VPS server but everything else is up to you to handle.

It’s like purchasing a new physical server and you bring it home, pull in the plug and switch the server on. This is the responsibility of the unmanaged hosting provider to make sure that the server is available and accessible online. Everything else is your responsibility including the configuration of the server and its services.

You can imagine that this is not the job for the average user and even if you have the technical knowledge to do it, it’s always better to leave the technical stuff to the data centre people and concentrate on how to grow your business.


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Managed VPS hosting VS unmanaged VPS hosting

Comparing the two is easy since managed vps hosting has a lot more advantages than unmanaged hosting.

Cost: In the past there was a considerable difference between managed and unmanaged vps packages but this is not the case today. Managed VPS hosting is as low as $25 per month which is very low if you take into account the number of hours you save from having to manage your server.

Time: When you order a managed vps server, it only takes a couple of hours to have your server up and running in a properly configured manner but this is not the case with the unmanaged server.  It may take hours to manually install and configure the required services.

Technical knowledge: No technical knowledge is required for running a managed server. When you need to do something technical all you have to do is contact support and let the skilled technical support operators handle the rest. With an unmanaged server you need to have server administration skills and love working in the command line otherwise it will be very difficult to administer your server efficiently.

Security:  Website security starts from the server security and if you don’t follow best practices then most probably your website will be exposed to security risks. A server that is managed by the hosting provider will have a better level of security since security is an important chapter for modern datacenters.


Which package is better for you?

We want to offer our customers the best possible experience and add real value to their online businesses by leveraging our modern and up-to-date infrastructure as well as the years of experience in the market. For this reason we offer fully managed services on all control panel VPS and dedicated servers.

This means that we take care of your server including guaranteed availability (we offer 99.9% uptime), security hardening, operating system configuration and upgrades.

Your job is to take care of your business and if you ever need support our experienced personnel is more than glad to help you 24X7 ,365 days a year.



A managed vps hosting package is the best solution for those who want the power of a dedicated server but at a lower cost.

The main difference between the managed and unmanaged servers is that with the first case the hosting provider is responsible for running the server and the server owner has access to perform additional tasks but with the unmanaged packages the hosting provider is only responsible for keeping the server online and anything else should be done by the server owner.

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  1. Jenny Ross
    Jenny Ross
    February 24, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Previously, people used to prefer unmanaged over managed hosting. However, now the scenario is opposite. Managed hosting services are affordable and provide better hosting and maintenance solutions.

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