5 ways to optimize your posts for social media


Social media marketing is now more important than ever and it is necessary to make sure that your posts are optimized for social media. Optimized posts are more likely to perform better in the social space and work towards achieving your business goals.

How to optimize your posts for social media?

I did talk in the past on how small businesses can use social media but a pre-requisite of that is to ensure that your content is shareable and this is what we are going to discuss below.

#1 – Make it easy to share your content

This is basic but yet very important. Social media sharing buttons need to be in a prominent position in your page so that readers can easily share the posts in social networks. There are many choices as to the positions of the buttons but the most popular (and effective) are below the post title, floating on the left side and at the end of the post.

You don’t need to have all social media buttons but only the ones that are more appropriate for your business. For example if you don’t have a Pinterest page or images in your posts then there is no need to have the Pinterest button. Some studies suggest that less social sharing buttons perform better than having all of them together.

In general, the most common buttons to have are Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

#2 – You need big, shiny images in your content

Pinterest is not the only network that uses images but having big images in your posts is more likely to increase interaction and engagement in the other networks too. Your images need to be at least 300px in width in order to be shown on Facebook and Twitter but the trend these days is to use bigger images that are of a high resolution.

The downside of this practice is that it may slow down your website so you may need to consider using a cdn or upgrading to a managed vps.

#3 – Check how your posts look when shared

It’s good to have the buttons ready to share your content but you also need to make sure that your posts look ok when people try to share them. This means that when someone clicks the share to Facebook button for example, Facebook should be able to correctly read the title of the post, description and image. If this is not happening then it is possible that users won’t take the time to correct it and so they won’t post it to their timelines.

If you are using WordPress you can install the official Facebook plugin that will add the correct open graph protocol mark-up which is needed in order for a post to show correctly on Facebook and other social networks.

#4 – Make sure that you have a Meta description

When you install the Facebook plugin or decide to use the open graph protocol mark-up then whatever is in the meta description of your post, it will appear as the description in social media. In other words what will be shown as the post description is not the first lines of the post but what you have added in the description (or excerpt) box.

What you need to make sure is that you have a meta description that makes sense and attractive so that users will want to click and post and visit your website to read the rest of the content.

#5 – Don’t be shy to promote your own posts

Although this is not an optimization tip as such, it should be noted that once you publish a post you should promote it in your social media channels as well. The reasons are a lot but to keep things simple, a user is more likely to share or like a post that is already on social media rather than being the first to do it.

It is always a good strategy to promote your posts in the social networks that you have more influence and try to get as many re-shares as possible so that new users will see it and be encouraged to share it with their followers too.

Don’t forget that above all is the headline that counts most

As a final word, it should be noted again that one of the things that plays a big role when it comes to social sharing is the headline of the post. A good headline can create more shares and more site visits so make sure that you use headlines that are sharable. You can read this nice study from buffer which explains the anatomy of a good headline in the social World.

This post was written for the knownhost blog by Alex Chris. Alex is working is working as a Digital Marketing manager and has many years of experience with social media marketing. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and also read more of his social media articles at Digital Marketing Pro.

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