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How to edit existing contact information?

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Once you have added the contact under KnownHost’s billing portal, you can customize/modify the already created contact information. Let’s learn how to edit existing contact information. 1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with your registered email address and password. 2. Navigate to Profile → Contacts ( 3. Now, click on the Edit. 4. Make the required changes in Contact Information, […]

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for KnownHost?

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You can enable and configure the Two-Factor Authentication on KnownHost’s Billing portal, just the same way we earlier saw for the cPanel control panel. There are many authentication apps that you can use to set up the 2FA, but for this article, we are using an authentication application. For Android: For IOS: 1. First, login […]

How to add/remove features for existing service?

We offer various configurable options and add-ons for most of the services. For example, if you are taking managed VPS from KnownHost, you would have multiple addon licenses (LiteSpeed, Sofaculous, etc.) for which you can opt while checking out. If you forget to add those, you can do that later, ordering the services at any […]

How to remove Payment Accounts from KnownHost?

Just like adding the payment accounts, our billing portal has a straightforward feature of removing added payment accounts from KnownHost. Follow the below steps to learn how, 1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with registered email address and password. 2. Next, in the Navigation tray, you can find the option “Payment Accounts” click on […]

How to find KnownHost’s Support Pin?

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We at Known Host take privacy and the security of the customer’s account very seriously. So, whenever you make any requests through Live Chat or Phone Call, our representative always demands Support Pin. Support Pin is a unique four-digit combination that will help us authenticate the genuineness of the account holder. You can follow the […]

How to: Logging into My KnownHost?

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KnownHost has two different portals to manage customer’s billing-related and support-related queries efficiently. The first is Billing Portal for all your billing-related tasks with the purchased services, and the second is the Supportal Portal, through which you can connect with our team for sales and support-related stuff. Logging into Billing ( Billing Portal is the […]

How to add ACH payments

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ACH or Automated Clearing House is one of the available payment methods here at KnownHost. This method utilizes banking details to schedule automated payments with ease. Adding ACH payments to your account is very easy to do. You’ll be granted the ability to issue direct payments from your own account details once it’s been added. […]

How to Manage VPS Settings

Within this article, we’ll be going over the different functionalities of the “Settings” area of your virtual server management portal. We will cover the following sections Changing the Hostname Changing the root password Adding SSH Keys Accessing VNC Console Accessing Serial Console Changing the Hostname All servers have a FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name) that is […]

KH-Portal: MailChannels Overview

Now that you’ve signed up and have activated your KnownHost MailChannels Email Delivery service, you’re probably wondering how you can go about logging in, reviewing statistics, and other various functionality involved that comes with having the new MailChannels Service. We’ll be going over where these are and what they provide you in this overview. First […]