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How to update my information?

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There are three types of information that can be updated on KnownHost regarding your account, Contact Information: Name, address, primary email, etc. Billing Information: Tax ID (for display on invoices), Name invoices are “to”. Authentication Settings: Login information for & 2-factor settings. Let’s learn how to update my personal information, 1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with your […]

How to change an email accounts quota in cPanel?

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Sometimes allocated Email Accounts quota/disk space is not enough; you might need to upgrade/downgrade the disk space/quota allocation for already created Email Accounts. 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to Emails → Email Accounts. 3. You can find all the previously created Email Accounts → Select particular Email Account → Click on Manage. 3. In Current Storage Usage […]

How to install Perl modules using cPanel?

Installing Perl Modules is made easy in cPanel; you can easily install Perl Modules with just a few clicks. In cPanel, perl modules install directly from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Repository. For every cPanel Perl Module installtion path is /home/username/perl. Installation of Perl Module 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to SOFTWARES […]

How to Change cPanel Password?

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Password security is important due to the nature of what is available within your cPanel account. We’ll go over how to change cPanel password in this article. Many times the default password of the cPanel comes with a very complex structure, and it is very hard to remember. Keeping the cPanel password memorable with a […]

How to change PHP Version in cPanel?

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As time goes by, new PHP versions are being introduced, and old ones reach their EOL (End Of Life). Hence, sometimes the default PHP version of the web server might not work as expected for your script, or you want to update the PHP version for the specific hosted Domain. In that case, you might […]