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How to add account credit?

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There are times when you may want to add a credit to your account. Customers often do this to take advantage of better currency conversion rates, or to make pre-payment for services since account credit will automatically be used to pay invoices. Let’s learn, how to add account credit? 1. First, login into Billing Portal […]

How to add DNS records and manage DNS in DirectAdmin?

DNS service is the critical element for the Internet, and it is responsible for propagating DNS records for communication between domain services and servers to get work done. We have many free DNS hosting available in the market where you only manage the DNS settings but the DirectAdmin control panel. You get many features, including […]

How to add DNS records in cPanel?

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DNS (Domain Name Service) is used to resolve the server address with the domain names. In this case, DNS has multiples A, TXT, MX, CNAME, etc record types. Every record type of DNS has independent work; for example, A record is used to resolves the server’s IP with the specified domain, MX record is used […]

How to set up domain redirection in cPanel?

On many occasions you need to redirect certain domain traffic to another one. In that case there might be manual steps you need to perform to get redirection done. cPanel offers you a direct option to setup redirection of hosted domains. Adding Domain Redirection 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to Domains → […]

How to set up Domain Aliases in cPanel?

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In earlier versions of cPanel, aliases are called Parked Domains. Parked Domains or Domain Aliases share the same document root. Suppose you have a website (Parent Domain / Primary Domain) and for which you set up aliases as; if you browse in the browser, all the content of will be displayed […]

How to add Sub Domains in cPanel?

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With cPanel you get an easy-to-use option through which you can create multiple sub-domains with the hosted domain. That’s why with this guide we’ll help you know How to add Sub Domains in cPanel and hope that it becomes a familiar process for you. A subdomain is typically used for creating areas of your website […]

How to add Addon Domains in cPanel?

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KnownHost offers a multi-domain feature with its web hosting packages. cPanel provides a feature called Addon Domain through which you can host multiple domains at a time; and you can do it right from a single cPanel account. Such a feature is beneficial should you want to add additional domains to a single cPanel account […]