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How to create a cPanel account using WHM?

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cPanel/WHM divided the control panel into two sections. First, the end-user panel named it cPanel and administration panel, and the reseller panel named Web Host Manager, which is popularly known as WHM. So, to create a cPanel account, you need access to the WHM panel with the privilege to create a cPanel account. If you […]

Keeping a copy of the backup is a healthy habit, at least for your data. Also, while performing a migration from the current hosting service, you must know How to take a complete backup of your cPanel account, which includes everything: Files, Emails, Databases, Filters, Blacklist IPs, FTP accounts, etc. cPanel offers Backup Wizard utility […]

How To Create an FTP Account in cPanel?

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The use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts is for uploading content/files on a web server, and also, you can manage those files using any FTP clients (Example: FileZilla, WinSCP, etc.). By default, in cPanel, a primary FTP account gets created which shares the same cPanel login credentials. Moreover, extending this feature, cPanel offers you the […]