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DirectAdmin contains a feature to let users reset their passwords, but this feature is disabled by default. When enabled, a user can click the “Lost Password?” link on the login page, and DirectAdmin will mail them a link to click with a confirmation code, which is sent back to the DirectAdmin interface when the link […]

How to enable DirectAdmin Demo Mode?

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Demo mode is a helpful tool for resellers to demonstrate the panel’s features without actually allowing anyone enough access to make unauthorized changes in the control panel. A user may log in and see all features but cannot make changes. Learn, how to enable DirectAdmin demo mode? 1. First, to login into the DirectAdmin control […]

Suppose you would like all admin accounts to be notified via your DirectAdmin server’s messaging system every time a new account is created by any account type (other admins, resellers, etc.). In that case, you will need to enable the setting in the DirectAdmin configuration. Learn, How To Enable Account Creation Notifications in DirectAdmin? Login […]

How to create a cPanel account using WHM?

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cPanel/WHM divided the control panel into two sections. First, the end-user panel named it cPanel and administration panel, and the reseller panel named Web Host Manager, which is popularly known as WHM. So, to create a cPanel account, you need access to the WHM panel with the privilege to create a cPanel account. If you […]

Keeping a copy of the backup is a healthy habit, at least for your data. Also, while performing a migration from the current hosting service, you must know How to take a complete backup of your cPanel account, which includes everything: Files, Emails, Databases, Filters, Blacklist IPs, FTP accounts, etc. cPanel offers Backup Wizard utility […]

How To Create an FTP Account in cPanel?

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The use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts is for uploading content/files on a web server, and also, you can manage those files using any FTP clients (Example: FileZilla, WinSCP, etc.). By default, in cPanel, a primary FTP account gets created that shares the same cPanel login credentials. Moreover, extending this feature, cPanel offers you the […]