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How to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for KnownHost?

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You can enable and configure the Two-Factor Authentication on KnownHost’s Billing portal, just the same way we earlier saw for the cPanel control panel. There are many authentication apps that you can use to set up the 2FA, but for this article, we are using an authentication application.

For Android:

For IOS:

1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with your registered email address and password.

enter username and password

2. Navigate to Manage Account (

navigate to manage account knownhost billing portal

3. Navigate to Authentication.

navigate to authentication

3. Next, check the option “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” and Enter the Current Password.

When utilizing the following section to enable Two Factor Authentication, you only need to enter the “CURRENT” password and then enable two factor – you do not need to fill out “NEW” or “CONFIRM” password fields. Fill out the “CURRENT” password field, then follow the listed steps.
enter current password and enable 2fa option

4. Here you have step- by-step instructions on how you can setup 2FA with the QR code.

2FA QR knownhost billing portal

5. Now, scan the 2FA QR code with the authentication application.

scan the 2FA QR Code

6. Then, enter the 6-digit OTP.

enter the 6 digit otp of 2fa

7. Finally, click on Update My Information.

how to configure 2fa for knownhost billing portal

Congratulations! You have enabled the two-factor authentication for KnownHost’s billing account. Next time you log in, you will need to enter the 6-digit one-time password from the authentication application.


Secure your KnownHost’s billing account with an extra layer of Two-Factor Authentication security. We have elaborated on the easiest way to configure the 2FA for your billing account #TheMostSecuredHostingProvider.

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