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When you look at e-commerce statistics, the most compelling characteristic of this data is how it points to potential. While we may think the market is nearing its peak by seeing that more than half (53%) of web users worldwide purchased something online during 2016, or that the total average spent per e-commerce customer during […]

Diamond Candles is an e-commerce company that specializes in (you can’t make this up) soy candles with rings inside them. Maybe you are familiar with this product; well, this market: in the Internet era, there is a market for soy candles with rings inside them. It’s a niche, that’s for sure. And the arguable ridiculousness […]

This article addresses a search that every thoughtful person working in the e-commerce industry must perform: finding the most valuable blogs or informational sources that deserve their attention. Here are a few that have strong insights and are often mentioned in the industry. The problem with the internet is that everyone is trying to sell […]

Well, this is basically the timeless question of the Internet for its function as a profit-building mechanism: How can you create fast e-commerce growth? Generally, e-commerce is expanding at a fast rate. Year-over-year growth in online sales was 14% in 2015 and rose significantly to 19% in 2016 (2017 comScore study / Marketing Charts). managed-vps.html […]