Still backpacking around with shared hosting companies, or are you ready for some 5* treatment?


Imagine, if you will, staying in a hostel, one of those where you sleep in a room full of bunk beds, 50 or more crammed in a single not-well-lit or aired room, with a bunch of college kids whose idea of fun is staying up all night, drinking a lot of cheapest booze, singing lousy songs and dancing drunkenly, and the cleaning lady comes to the facilities once a day, but unfortunately, her eyes are giving up a bit on her, so even after she finishes cleaning, “spotless” is not the word that comes to mind.


Imagine, if you still will, staying in a 5* hotel, the one of the really good suites, with the biggest bed you’ve ever seen, great food and drinks, where room-service is just one phone call away and willing to help you with your every request, hotel’s security is at the highest level while still being invisible, and the hotel management almost gets insulted if you mention that the rooms are the cleanest and nicest you’ve ever seen – because, in their hotel, it’s expected for them to be such.


Imagine, and I know that this will be a leap of faith, that the difference in prices for those two is just a cup of coffee’s worth for the night’s stay. And I do not mean one of those cups of finest coffee blends sprinkled with gold leaves, just your regular next-door-café cup of coffee.


5* accommodation for your webpage, now we’re talking!


This metaphoric introduction should really explain to you the difference between web hosting and a managed VPS as a solution for your website hosting. Shared hosting is unmanaged, your site ends up on the same IP as many other sites (some of which may include spamming, pornography, hacking or many other bad things, which you would never want associated with your website in any way, let alone sharing an IP address!), and it happens a lot that shared hosting becomes overburdened with too little resources to manage the load it’s being forced to handle – including requests for your website!


knownhosttransKnownHost offers you a managed VPS solution that bears a lot of similarities to the 5* hotel that was mentioned previously, as an excellent alternative for your website hosting. With our managed VPS, you’ll have proactive monitoring of what goes on, geeky tech support available whenever you need any help on top of the dedicated IP address that you’d expect from such a solution. Our system is scalable on demand, which means that all your demands are fulfilled with no downtime, and we give you a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. And all that, and much more, comes at a price that really is comparable to that cup of coffee we mentioned before.


If you need to have a reliable, managed and affordable solution, with resources that support, rather than limit your website and business in their growth, KnownHost managed VPS solution is exactly what you need.


And we’ll even send one of our porters to the hostel with the bunk beds, to help you move your luggage and belongings over to our hotel, no charge at all!

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