Migrating to Managed VPS with KnownHost

knownhosttransIf you’re considering leaving your current hosting provider to join us at KnownHost on one of our Managed VPS plans, you might be interested in our free assistance in migrating your existing websites to our servers.

Migrating your site, safely and for free!

Migrating allows you to retain the entirety of your website and database, but gives you all the benefits of switching to Known Host VPS hosting. The prospect of migrating to another service often seems intimidating for most users, who assume it’s a complicated affair. However, the truth is the exact opposite! Migrating to KnownHost is really quite easy.

What we do

We are a fully managed service, and can help you with pretty much anything you can throw at us. Our team pride themselves on speedy and helpful responses, both on the forums  and using our support ticket system  24/7. This includes those among you who’re not particularly tech-savvy, as we remove the learning curve entirely, and our system admins are happy to assist in any way possible with your migration. Assuming everything is in order with your previous host, you can trust us to handle the entire transfer efficiently and securely.

Although the process is relatively simple, there are a couple of things to take into consideration before migrating. The most important of which is to try and ensure you are using the same control panels between hosting services, so migrating a cPanel to cPanel, or Plesk to Plesk. This provides a seamless transition, and unfortunately we are unable to transfer between the two at the moment.

For the smoothest transition, it is ideal for us to have access to the source account and its backup functionality. Alternatively you can backup the database yourself. If this isn’t possible (if you’re on shared hosting for example), another possibility is to ask your source host to create cpmove files for all accounts that need to be migrated, and place them somewhere we can then download them from.

Our support team should be able to assist in almost any migration scenario, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance, or to clear up any concerns you might have before joining us.


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