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Updated May 24, 2019   Administering a website with minimal effort means having the right tool for the job.  When it comes to uploading and downloading files, the right FTP client can make the difference between moving in slow motion or accelerating into the fast lane.  Read on to see 3 free FTP clients that […]

Updated August 20, 2018 Only after feeling the pain of enduring free hosting do most people realize the incredible price they’ve paid to have no monthly hosting bill.  Find out the top 3 risks you’ll face in choosing free hosting.  Or perhaps you’ll decide that a few dollars a month isn’t too high a price […]

Updated April 15, 2020   It’s no secret that those “have a website instantly” services sound attractive. It seems like a great deal, right? Little to no coding experience necessary, a low monthly fee for everything (the site, domain, ecome-commercetall, etc.), and some kind of content management system you don’t need to install yourself. What’s […]

If you’re considering leaving your current hosting provider to join us at KnownHost on one of our Managed VPS plans, you might be interested in our free assistance in migrating your existing websites to our servers. Migrating your site, safely and for free! Migrating allows you to retain the entirety of your website and database, […]

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