How To Manage Negative Comments On Your Blog

Updated December 13, 2019


Positive feedback and blog and social media comments are always encouraged, but what about the negative comments and criticism from your audience? What do you do? Do you delete them? Ignore them? Here, we will explain the most efficient way to deal with your ‘haters’.


We first would like to point out that any feedback is good feedback. Whether negative or positive, you have an apparent audience. Also, no blog is ever perfect. There is always room for development and growth, so try looking into what your audience is suggesting.



Where to Start – 

So you got your first (or millionth) rude comment? Here’s where to start:


  •      • Keep Calm. Take some time to compose your answer, as well as your emotions. Measured responses are always more constructive and help you provide the user with necessary help. This will also make you look good!


  •      • Don’t be hard on yourself. This comment could be the result of a bad breakup, a tough day at work, or someone who just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Don’t take things personal.


  •     • Distinguish between criticism and ranting. Try to figure out whether the comment is concrete criticism or blanket complaining, this will lead your response in the right direction.


  •      • Show understanding. Don’t react emotionally but show understanding for the problem of the user.


  •      • Be transparent. Has your product/service failed the user? Or was there a defect? It’s ok (and even appreciated) to admit mistakes as long as you apologize.


  •      • Offer solutions. Is there a legitimate problem? Then show solutions. The answer “If you could send me an email/message, I’ll be more than happy to take a look at that for you” can work wonders.


We recommend these steps, because speaking through your emotions could cause ill taste for all of your readers. There is never a need to attack the user or to be condescending.



Take the Right Approach For Your Brand – 

Most social platforms have a certain ambience. Whether funny, professional, modern, or fun, try making your response comments have the same atmosphere. I mean have you ever read Wendy’s Tweets? They are HILARIOUS and speak wonders about the Wendy’s brand. 


Of course it’s important to feel the tone of the comment, as well as your audience as a whole. Make sure your readers will understand your ambience before taking your approach so you will not offend anyone, and unintentionally make matters worse.


Check out these other entertaining responses from other well-known brands!


To Delete or Not to Delete –

We know how easy it is to just delete the comment before anyone but you sees it, but what good would that do? Take this as an opportunity to respond with dignity to not only show the customer you care, but also to convince potential customers to take a chance on you if they’re undecided. This is much more effective than simply deleting negative feedback.


Granted, sometimes it can get critical. For example, when a negative comment starts an uncontrollable discussion. You can then consider hiding the comment. On Facebook, for example, this works with one click (and the user won’t even know). Another justification for deleting a comment is rude/vulgar remarks at other customers. You want your audience to feel safe within your brand and cyber-bullying should never be conducted on anyone’s watch.




Conclusion –

Negative feedback can be tough. Always remember not to take anything personal. Your haters will make it a mission to attack you in public places like forums and blogs, throwing accusations at you left, right and center. AND THAT’S OKAY. Get back out there and prove them wrong, show them you are better than their negativity and how important your brand is to you!


Just because we discussed negative feedback, doesn’t mean positive feedback is irrelevant. Always show appreciation to any positive feedback you receive to let your audience know you acknowledge their presence and efforts.


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