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Updated December 11, 2019   Running a small business can leave you feeling like you need superpowers in order to get everything done. Some of those powers probably include: splitting yourself into three people, slowing down time, and never needing sleep. While you probably shouldn’t try exposing yourself to gamma rays in order to get […]

If you’re considering leaving your current hosting provider to join us at KnownHost on one of our Managed VPS plans, you might be interested in our free assistance in migrating your existing websites to our servers. Migrating your site, safely and for free! Migrating allows you to retain the entirety of your website and database, […]

  Imagine, if you will, staying in a hostel, one of those where you sleep in a room full of bunk beds, 50 or more crammed in a single not-well-lit or aired room, with a bunch of college kids whose idea of fun is staying up all night, drinking a lot of cheapest booze, singing […]