40 Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Have Forgotten About

Updated August 28, 2019


Keyboard Shortcuts are designed to make routine computer functions more efficient for all users. By using simple keyboard shortcuts, you can increase your productivity and expedite common computer operations.


Most shortcuts serve to eliminate additional steps that might involve your mouse or selecting extra menus, the underlying problem is that most of these shortcuts have gone unnoticed by everyday users. While this is by no means a complete list, these shortcuts are some of the most common ones you’ll regularly use.



General Keyboard Shortcuts-

These shortcuts work across many common programs, Web Browsers, apps, and most Microsoft Office applications:


Ctrl + C (Command + C on Mac)
Copy the Selected Text, Image, or Item to the Clipboard.


Ctrl + X (Command + X on Mac)
Cut (remove) the Selected Text, Image, or Item and Move it to the Clipboard.


Ctrl + V (Command + V on Mac)
Paste Contents of the Clipboard into the Current Program or Window.


Ctrl + A (Command + A on Mac)
Highlight Everything in the Current Folder, Document, or Page.


Ctrl + F (Command + F on Mac)
Search for Specific Text within Document or Page.


Ctrl + S (Command + S on Mac)
Save an Open Document, File, or Webpage.


Ctrl + Z (Command + Z on Mac)
Undo the Last Action Performed


Ctrl + N (Command + N on Mac)
Open a New Window.


Ctrl + W (Command + W on Mac)
Close the Current Window.


Ctrl + P (Command + P on Mac)
Print the Current Document or Page.


Alt + Print Screen (Command + Shift + 3 on Mac)
Screenshot Picture of Current Screen.




Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts-

In addition to the general shortcuts, here are a few common shortcuts you might use for Microsoft Word:


Ctrl + B
Bold your Text


Ctrl + U
Underline your Text.


Ctrl + I
Italicize your Text.


Ctrl + L
Left Align your Paragraph.


Ctrl + E
Center Align your Paragraph.


Ctrl + R
Right Align your Paragraph.


Ctrl + J
Justify your Paragraph.


Ctrl + K
Create a Hyperlink.


F7 Key
Launch the Spell Checker.


Shift + F7 Key
Launch the Thesaurus.




Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts-

In addition to the general shortcuts, here is a short list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel:


Ctrl + Space
Highlight the Entire Column.


Shift + Space
Highlight the Entire Row.


Ctrl + Home
Move to the Beginning of a Worksheet.


Ctrl + W
Close a Worksheet.


Ctrl + O
Open a Worksheet.


Ctrl + Shift + Colon (:)
Enter the Current Time.


Ctrl + Semi-Colon (;)
Enter the Current Date.


Ctrl + 9
Hide the Selected Rows.


Ctrl + 0
Hide the Selected Columns.



Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts-

In addition to the general shortcuts, here are some other shortcuts you might use in web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.


F5 Key
Refresh the Current Page.


Ctrl + (+ or -)
Zoom In or Out.


Ctrl + 0
Reset Zoom.


Ctrl + Tab
Switch Between Open Browser Tabs.


Ctrl + Shift + T
Open the Last Tab you Closed.


Ctrl + D
Bookmark the Current Site.


Ctrl + H
Open Browsing History.


Ctrl + J
Open Download History.


Ctrl + D
Bookmark the Current Window.


Stop the Loading of the Web Page.




Once you start using these easy shortcuts, they will become second nature and you will eventually realize how much time you’re saving! So save a click and use a shortcut!



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