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How to fix SYSLOG failed message

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If you are receiving the following messages from your cPanel server, an ongoing rsyslog bug has updated the configuration in such a way that it disabled local logging: First, you should go ahead and check the current log and the rotated logs to see if maybe the log rotated at the same time the check […]

Introduction to POP3 & IMAP

In this article; we’ll be going over the differences between POP3 and IMAP, as well as their use-case scenarios. One of the first things you should know is that both of these are what is called “Email Protocols”. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) POP3 (Post Office Protocol) These services are used for communication between a […]

Email Blacklist Removal

If your server has fallen victim to IP blacklisting, you’ll certainly want to know how to request your blacklisting be removed. This article will cover blacklist removal and provide links to specific RBL de-listings. Checking Blacklists First thing to do is check and see if you are actually listed on any blacklists. There are many […]

Libgomp thread creation error and how to fix it

While running any website such as WordPress that takes advantage of server applications such as ‘ImageMagick’ you may occasionally have an environment where you’ll receive an error upon uploading images. As such, when you attempt to upload an image you’ll be met with the following error message: These particular errors are a result of environment […]

What is Memcrashed and how do I fix it?

Memcached Memcached is a memory object caching system for speeding up dynamic web applications… It’s open source and has been designed to work with a large number of open connections. Database calls, API calls, or page rendering are a few examples of the arbitrary data results that are stored in memory to alleviate database load. One can […]

PHP OPcode Cache Install Guide

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Overview Each time when PHP script executes on the server it goes through the following stages: tokenizing, parsing, compilation, and interpretation. PHP opcode caching allows skipping the first 3 stages by storing pre-compiled scripts in shared memory and reusing them. This significantly increases the performance of running PHP scripts. 
 It is important to know […]

If you are experiencing database connection errors, then look no further for troubleshooting assistance! This guide details the common causes of the dreaded Database connection error, how to find the root cause, and what to do to fix it. The commands in this article work with MySQL or MariaDB on CentOS 6 or 7 cPanel […]

Cloudflare for Individual Users

25+ Reasons We Love Cloudflare Cloudflare can be an indispensable asset for your site and here are 25 awesome features that are enabled by default under their free plan: Brotli Standard level of Automatic Static Content Caching with instant cache purge Always Online (keeps the static portion of your site online when origin server is […]