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cPanel and DirectAdmin: SQL, DNS, Email, Backups & the rest

cPanel and Directadmin both offer the expected features such as SQL, DNS and Email. We’ll provide the basics and show the comparisons between the two panels. SQL DirectAdmin also supports MySQL version 8 where cPanel supports up to version 5.7 (current as of August 2019). Both panels store the SQL server’s configuration files at /etc/my.cnf. […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: Webservers & PHP

cPanel and Directadmin both offer methods of implementing PHP and Webserver changes, modules and/or configurations. We’ll go into each respective methods of handling this and how they go about it while providing relevant information that you may or may not find as useful as we did. 🙂 The Webserver and PHP Implementation Because the PHP […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: The basics

There are two well-known panels of the web hosting industry that provide a platform of tools to be utilized in the control and functioning of a server. We’ll be taking an in depth look at the differences between cPanel and DirectAdmin features, everything that they have to offer. The Graphical User Interface Both panels offer […]

Information about Backups and Restorations

We often get asked about the backups that we have on our various services such as VPS’s, Cloud Servers, Shared/Reseller other various services, things such as “how long do you keep them” or “how often are they taken”. The information composed here should answer all of your questions in regards to our backups.

However, if you feel like something wasn’t answered, feel free to reach out to us — we don’t bite. 🙂

How To Install CLI For WordPress

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The WP-CLI is a very diverse toolset that can be installed at the command line for managing WordPress websites. If you’re familiar with using such tools at the command line level then the information to follow should be relatively easy. However, if this is not something you’ve done before then we hope this helps you […]

Best Plugins to Improve a WordPress Site

Installing WordPress plugins often means searching for the best plugins to achieve your goals. However, “best” means different things to different people. Are you looking for plugins with the most features? Want the fastest loading times? Trying to get by without spending anything? You can add functionality, improve performance, make a site easier to manage […]

This article is going to be thoroughly detailed in covering the different methods of checking domain access logs; why you should check them and how to protect yourself from further incidents. Remember; the goal is mitigation – reducing the impact your server experiences from such incidents – there is no method of 100% prevention. Why […]


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In modern versions of cPanel/WHM, it is easier than ever to get free signed SSL Certificates for your domains! Since version 58, cPanel has had a feature called AutoSSL to automatically install for you Domain-Validated (DV) SSL certificates for your domains, to use in Apache, Dovecot, and Exim (i.e., the websites and email). The cPanel’s AutoSSL supports both […]

What is mod_security?

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Keeping our websites secure is one of the most important and challenging topics of all time. This article will cover the ‘mod_security’ module and whether or not you should consider using it on your server(s)/website(s). What is mod_security? ModSecurity is a toolkit for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. I like to think […]