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How to configure rDNS for your VPS?

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For every server, rDNS needs to be configured with the correct hostname and the A record from the host side and from the DNS settings. Let’s learn how you configure rDNS for your VPS. 1. First, login into Billing Portal ( with registered email address and password. 2. In the Navigation tray, you can find […]

How to use DNS Zone Manager in WHM?

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You might have heard that DNS is a crucial aspect that helps resolve the IP address for domain names. cPanel/WHM has DNS Zone Manager through which you can manage the DNS Zones and their records from the WHM interface. In this article, we will learn about How to use DNS Zone Manager in WHM? 1. […]

How to restore DNS Zones backup using JetBackup 5?

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JetBackup is a suitable and ready-to-use backup functionality that KnownHost offers with the web hosting services*. If you have web hosting services with us, you will most likely see Jetbackup 5 option within the control panel. Learn, How to restore DNS Zones backup using JetBackup 5? 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( or 2. Navigate to Files → JetBackup 5. 3. To […]

How to delete a DNS Zone from WHM?

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Sometimes you might encounter an error “DNS entry already exists”, or you might have added the DNS zone manually using “Add a DNS Zone“, to resolve that issue, you need to remove/delete the DNS zone from the WHM server. Learn, How to delete a DNS Zone from WHM? 1. First, login into WHM panel, or https://IP-address: 2087 or https://server-hostname: 2087. […]

How to Create a DNS zone in WHM?

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Learn, How to Create a DNS zone in WHM? cPanel/WHM allows you to direct traffic to the correct location using DNS zones. DNS zones are created in the format of pre-defined DNS templates. This feature is useful if you want to manage the DNS for a domain within WHM, but aren’t hosting the domain on […]

Once our support team migrates hosting accounts from a third-party service provider, you need to update the nameservers. Sometimes, the new hosting provider may lack some features, which might commerce consequences for the website. Best, what if we have a solution to check the website post-migration without updating nameservers or DNS? On every system, you […]

How to add DNS records and manage DNS in DirectAdmin?

DNS service is the critical element for the Internet, and it is responsible for propagating DNS records for communication between domain services and servers to get work done. We have many free DNS hosting available in the market where you only manage the DNS settings but the DirectAdmin control panel. You get many features, including […]

How to Track DNS in cPanel?

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cPanel’s Track DNS network tool plays an excellent role in troubleshooting the network problems which might cause downtime for hosted websites. Using the network tool, you can look up any particular domain DNS and traceroute the network path of the server and the computer from which you are accessing the cPanel. 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( […]

How to add DNS records in cPanel?

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DNS (Domain Name Service) is used to resolve the server address with the domain names. In this case, DNS has multiples A, TXT, MX, CNAME, etc record types. Every record type of DNS has independent work; for example, A record is used to resolves the server’s IP with the specified domain, MX record is used […]

cPanel and DirectAdmin: SQL, DNS, Email, Backups & the rest

cPanel and Directadmin both offer the expected features such as SQL, DNS and Email. We’ll provide the basics and show the comparisons between the two panels. SQL DirectAdmin also supports MySQL version 8 where cPanel supports up to version 5.7 (current as of August 2019). Both panels store the SQL server’s configuration files at /etc/my.cnf. […]