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How to Track DNS in cPanel?

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cPanel’s Track DNS network tool plays an excellent role in troubleshooting the network problems which might cause downtime for hosted websites. Using the network tool, you can look up any particular domain DNS and traceroute the network path of the server and the computer from which you are accessing the cPanel. 1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password. i.e; ( […]

How Do I Enable Debug Mode in DokuWiki?

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The following instructions reference $DOCROOT to mean the document root where your DokuWiki is installed and $USER is the Linux system username of the user that owns the domain. On cPanel, the document root is typically /home/$USER/public_html/, and on DirectAdmin, this is typically To enable debug mode for DokuWiki, you will edit the configuration file […]

How to Debug WordPress

DEBUGGING – TROUBLESHOOTING Debug mode gives some troubleshooting information that you don’t want to see all the time, unless you’re troubleshooting an issue. When that’s the case, change false to true, clear cache, refresh the page that’s a problem and observe the information. After you fix the problem, remember to change it back again. Debug […]

What is the “premature end of script headers” PHP error?

A common php error seen, however rarely known or understood is the “headers already sent” error. Which may look similar to this: Why does it happen? Premature end of script headers “actually means”, the script stopped for whatever reason before it returned any output to the web server. This can be an extremely difficult error […]