Top Factors Your Corporation Must Consider When Starting a Blog.

Updated November 14, 2019


You have a large business and you want to make sure people visit your site, so you consider starting a blog. Blogs are a great way to help grow a business, and are almost a necessity in today’s Internet world. However, they are a lot of work, so you need to make sure you consider a few things before you start.


Initial Assessments to Make

Before you start a blog, you immediately want to assess what you want from that blog. You want to make sure you know who your target audience will be and what your focus is. You want to know what your visitors will want to read about and make sure you cater to their needs.



Read other Blogs

It is said that the best writers will read books, and the same can be said about bloggers. When you start a blog, visit other blogs to get an idea on what content drives people to engage and return to the site. You may find it beneficial to hire an SEO that will determine what content brings in the most visitors.



The Target Audience

This is the most important part of starting a corporate blog. In order to make a blog effective, you need to know whom you are talking to. There are dozens of blogs available now, so having a specific target group will make sure your message reaches the people it needs to.


Another aspect of determining your target audience is knowing whom you want to drive a sale from. You may have dozens of people reading your material, but if they are not interested in the service, they will not purchase. This can make it difficult to determine how successful your site is, unless you find ways to engage with your target audience.



Know Your Focus

Before you even start a blog, you need to know what your focus will be with the blog. You need to determine if you are offering advice and support through the posts, or if your goal is to drive in sales by promoting certain products. When you know your focus, you will be able to determine the tone you use and the message you put across.



Make Evergreen Content

It is imperative for your content to be timeless. People want to know they can bookmark your pages and have it relevant regardless of the time of year or whenever they need your services. Another aspect with having evergreen content is the ability to link your posts with other posts, and bring in more traffic.



Start with an Editorial Calendar

Your editorial calendar is a blueprint of your blog. You do not have to be specific, but you want to make sure you have topics and blog post ideas created. It is best for new blogs to have fresh content put up every two to three days, but you should at least have something new once a week.


When you have an editorial calendar, you will not have to worry about what you are planning to blog about. This makes keeping the blog running less stressful, so plan at least a month or two.



Know the Platform

There are several platforms you can use to blog on, with the most popular being WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Typepad. They all have pros and cons, so research which one will benefit you the most. Many companies find WordPress to be the best due to the vast number of widgets offered to keep the site useful.


Prepare Social Media

If you have a blog, it is advised to have social media to go with it. You want your posts to be shared, and that sharing will lead to people wanting to engage with you. Find out what social media platforms your target audience uses and build a presence. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular platforms, but Instagram and Tumblr are close behind.



Create a Newsletter

Letting people sign up with a newsletter on your site will make sure that your blog posts are being read. You can offer different newsletter options where they get every blog post or a digest once a week. You will find readers become more loyal if they do not have to remember to visit your site and receive a snippet of the blog post.



Create a Strategy and Test it

No matter what form of marketing you use, you will need a marketing strategy. Blogging is a form of content marketing and requires a lot of tweaking. You want to make sure you find something you like, and then test it with your potential customers.



In Conclusion

As with anything you do in your business, you want to make sure you do all of the preparatory work first. Maintaining a blog takes time and effort, and abandoning it can carry repercussions. Make sure you plan and know what direction you want to go before you begin to blog.



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