Do You Really Want That Public? – What You Should Keep off Your Company’s Blog.

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Updated April 9, 2020

Your company’s blog is your only platform where you can literally say whatever you want to your target audience on. And that means you have to get things right when you are posting on that platform, which this guide is going to provide you with some more guidance on. There are some things you need to keep private, though.

Why Shouldn’t You Speak Freely?

The reason why you shouldn’t speak freely is because there are certain things people don’t want to hear about. Think about a blog and you think of a place where you can harbor your private feelings. A company blog is far from this. It’s about promotion.

You are Marketing a Service

You are not here to talk about your issues you are here to market your products and services. You may not be constantly trying to make every post into a sales pitch, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing anything other than marketing your services in a direct or indirect way.

Always keep that in mind.

Anything Negative

The easiest way to sum all this up is to keep anything negative off of your blog. Your target market wants to go online and browse because they want to escape negativity. They don’t want to hear about anything that makes them feel bad or depressed, and so always keep things positive.

Positivity isn’t about avoiding the big issues it’s about framing them in a way that leaves people feeling fresh and hopeful.

Your Innermost Operations

Obviously, it makes sense not to publish exactly what you are doing and exactly what’s going on in the office at all times. This can feel like an invasion of privacy for your employees, and for your target audience, they may not care in the slightest. You want to keep people interested.

But Only Sometimes…

There are exceptions to this rule. Ten years ago it would be considered unthinkable to lift up the curtain and allow people to see what’s going on in the back. Today that has changed. Today it’s become a clever marketing tool. On occasion, you will find the perfect chance to promote your products by showing people what’s going on behind the scenes.

Just make sure you only do this on occasion.

Anything Too Personal

 Keep in mind that becoming too personal will only lead to disaster. People are not there to hear about you, they are there to hear about what the company does. You always need to keep things on-point. Anything too personal should be kept exclusively for special content delivered to newsletter subscribers, for example.

Personal is Not Marketing

There’s something to say for building your brand through personal content. But personal content executed well is done with the sole purpose of marketing something. You have to keep in mind that for most companies, and in most cases, personal content will not serve the purpose of marketing, and therefore, has little point.

A Contentious Topic

Contentious topics are those that could potentially inflame tensions. Some companies will use them in order to gain some form of notoriety. It’s a form of real-time marketing, and there are situations where it has worked for the better. Unfortunately, for the majority of companies it nearly always comes back to bite them.

What is Controversial and What Isn’t?

You need to make an educated decision on what could potentially upset someone since everything will upset someone sooner or later. There’s no way that you can please everyone, but at the same time, you need to make sure that you are not offending your target market.

Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes before posting something on the company blog.

Keep Redundancy Minimum

Redundant topics are those topics that you have either talked about before or those topics that are not worth a blog. You know when a company blog is scraping the bottom of the barrel when these topics come up. They believe that they have to stick to a strict posting schedule, and so they will use these topics.

They only serve to bore and irritate your target audience.

Defeating the Posting Frequency Myth

A lot of people believe that you have to post a certain number of times every week to keep your blog active. This couldn’t be further from truth. People would much rather have a detailed blog than something that you have come up with just to fulfill a piece of criteria.

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Posting on your company blog is about marketing your products and services. It’s about making your target audience fall in love with your brand. Think carefully about the type of content you are posting before you hit the ‘Publish’ button. Consider whether it’s something your target audience really wants to hear about.

What is the most successful piece of content you have ever posted on your company blog?

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