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Do You Really Want That Public? – What You Should Keep off Your Company’s Blog.

Your company’s blog is your only platform where you can literally say whatever you want to your target audience on. And that means you have to get things right when you are posting on that platform, which this guide is going to provide you with some more guidance on. There are some things you need to keep private, though. See Also: Creating Catchy Blog Content – 10 Rules of Engagement Why Shouldn’t You Speak Freely? The reason why you shouldn’t […]

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Creating Catchy Blog Content – 10 Rules of Engagement

Catchy blog content will keep your target audience engaged and encourage them to keep coming back for more. Actually creating catchy blog content is another matter entirely. This guide is going to show you some of the key rules of successful engagement. See Also: Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners 1.      Make it Simple To begin with, you have to keep your writing simple. If you are used to complex sentences, you are going to be forced to dig yourself out […]

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10 Beginner Website Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

Businesses online and offline should know about the importance of having a website. Nevertheless, the chances are you are making mistakes right now and you don’t even know about them. We are going to show you what mistakes you may be making and how to correct them. No technical expertise necessary! High performance dedicated servers from KnownHost. 1.     Lack of Vision A lack of vision is dangerous. It’s not enough to simply have an online presence. Just because you build […]

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Platforms to Simplify Your Blogging Experience

Blogging is difficult enough without having to worry about the difficulties of setting up a blog and dealing with all the other technical issues. What is the best blogging platform for beginners in 2015? Keep reading to find out more. WordPress Reigns Supreme WordPress is the blogging platform that reigns supreme. It currently hosts over half of all blogs. In fact, this isn’t a recent achievement. As early as 2013, it crossed over the 50% threshold to claim 52% of […]

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