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Updated January 24, 2020   Businesses online and offline should know about the importance of having a website. Nevertheless, the chances are you are making mistakes right now and you don’t even know about them. We are going to show you what mistakes you may be making and how to correct them. No technical expertise necessary! […]

Updated February 24, 2021 Blogging is difficult enough without having to worry about the difficulties of setting up a blog and dealing with all the other technical issues. What is the best blogging platform for beginners in 2021? WordPress Reigns Supreme WordPress is the blogging platform that reigns supreme. It currently hosts over half of […]

Updated February 10, 2021 Even though returning customers comprise only a small percentage of the total number of customers that your company serves, the reality is that these returning customers are actually responsible for bringing around 80% of your total profits. With this, it is deemed important to build a loyal audience for your company […]