The Benefits of Live Chat On Your Website

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Updated June 2, 2021

Regardless of how much time, energy, and effort you’ve put into marketing initiatives, people will still have questions about your products or services, making Customer Service an integral part of any business. For most, a short interaction with your support team could make or break a potential or existing customer. With today’s fast-paced technology, web users are starting to expect instantaneous help through an online customer service system, or “live chat”.

A live chat option reduces stress for customers by meeting needs ‘immediately”. In comparison to a phone line for customer support, a live chat feature doesn’t have a call queue where customers will wait on hold before speaking with a representative. After being on hold for so long, most customers will become hesitant, and feel as if their question or concern is irrelevant and decide to hang up, while giving you the potential of losing possible customers.

If you don’t already have a live chat, here are 4 main reasons why you should –

Conversions & Retention Through Quality Training

Having a customer service representative walk you through a purchase adds buyer confidence and aids in customer retention. The key to this is affective customer service training. Making sure your support department knows your products and can handle situational concerns is the only way your live chat can be successful. Customer’s are more likely to make a purchase from someone who seemingly knows what they’re talking about, rather than someone who is clueless. Studies show that customers who feel taken care of are less likely to be concerned about the price they are paying.

Have your support team follow the “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” rule of thumb to ensure customers feel their voice is heard, and feel confident in returning to your site.

24/7 Support – Chatbot

Providing 24/7 customer service may not be ideal for companies that cannot cover all shifts, so try covering night-shifts with an automated chatbot. With some efficient coding, your chatbot can help answer customer questions with mechanized results, or direct them to helpful articles related to the inquiry. Worst case scenario, if the chatbot can’t comprehensively answer the inquiry or chatbot isn’t an option, a ticket can be submitted for your customer support team to get to first thing the following work day.

The chat function on your website should also be visually marked if there is a rep ready to help, or that the chat feature is not available if all reps are occupied or offline.

If 24/7 live support is an option for your website, take advantage of it!

Advertising Strategies

Advertising live chat is a great way to send a proactive invitation to your website. This function can help you turn accidental browsers into loyal customers. This “take charge” outreach is an important detail that also defines a customer’s positive experience with your company as well as a possible future relationship. 


Another benefit of having a solid live chat software includes report build-in features to monitor your customers’ activity as well as the quality of your team’s support performance. As a result, your company can collect valuable data to improve daily. For example, you can identify and monitor low performing representatives to provide additional training and reward high performers.

This continuous monitoring will help enhance your overall customer service by tracking the team’s strengths and weaknesses and making improvements based on the data.


The demand for instant answers is how today’s society operates. Don’t let your business get left behind by not having the resources your customer’s need at their fingertips! Having a live chat feature on your website could take your business to the next level!

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