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Updated April 19, 2019   How to speed up your VPS and make an SSD VPS faster?  There are a few basic speed tweaks to your VPS which can change your virtual server hosting into something phenomenally quicker. Your website can be swifter than ever, improving your visitor engagement and enhancing conversion rates.  Faster IS […]

Updated March 26, 2019 Your website speed depends on how your hosting server connects to the internet backbone, just as your uptime depends on the uptime of that backbone connection.  Understand what is the internet backbone and why it matters to you – by reading on…. More information about KnownHost’s datacenters and networking. Keys to […]

Updated November 16, 2020 Speed impacts your website success in several ways and knowing how to get the most site performance (speed), while staying within budget, is critical to your online profitability.  Choosing the right hosting is the single best decision you can make. Think that a delay of 1 second in page loading can’t […]

Updated June 26, 2020 Speed is Essential A few years ago, many people weren’t watching IP-based television and movies, though the recent growth of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other entertainment video streaming providers has grown at an incredible pace.  This is forced the spread of high speed infrastructure (cable and fiber internet mostly). Online gaming, […]