Dedicated Hosting VS Semi Dedicated Hosting

The web hosting market is evolving every day, and the technology is shaping as per the advanced needs of the individual or corporate customers. Instead of just shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, or cloud hosting, two types of web hosting there Dedicated Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting. Both Dedicated & Semi Dedicated hosting sounds similar, but they are slightly different. Let’s under Dedicated Hosting & Semi Dedicated Hosting and what’s the best fit for you.

What is Semi Dedicated Hosting?

A semi dedicated server is customarily referred to as a semi dedicated hosting or virtual dedicated server (VDS). This hosting has a single server that is substantially divided into divisions shared by any number of users. This subdivision of a single server into several different ones is generally done through specialized software known as Hypervisors.

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What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting has its meaning itself. It is a completely 100% dedicated server appointed to you and has no sharing resources with other users. Dedicated hosting is also known as Bare Metal Dedicated Server, and it is being used for extensive uses. Explaining further in simple words that a person engages out or uses the bare metal dedicated server / dedicated hosting has 100% resource limits of hardware (RAM, CPU, Drives) and bandwidth.

Dedicated servers are tricky to handle if you’re not aware of the things. In that case, we would highly recommend going with a fully managed dedicated server in which the administrators (on behalf of you) will handle every server-level task. Also, in terms of reliability, security, and maintaining the server, the fully managed dedicated servers are the best solution to go with.

What should be your choice?

Answering the question, IT DEPENDS! Don’t worry; we will help you choose the perfect solution as per the requirements through the following points,

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Justifying the expense of a full-blown dedicated server is a tough call for most. When web hosting needs exceed VPS or VDS, but budget prevents dedicated servers from consideration, a semi-dedicated server is a top contender.

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Heavy Resources Usage

Are you trying to run a heavyweight application with massive numbers of processes and heavy traffic? In that case, VPS and VDS options no longer become reasonable options. For constant reliability, we highly recommend going with a dedicated server.

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The most popular reason for choosing a dedicated server is the fact that dedicated servers offer the ultimate in high-performance hosting. Whereas other types of hosting offer slices of RAM and slices of CPU cores, a dedicated server gives all of them over to the needs of one customer.

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Decent resource usage yet need reliability

Suppose you’re ok with spending some little extra money on investing in your web hosting infrastructure and requiring a reliable solution to get started avoiding shared hosting and the reseller hosting solution. In that case, semi-dedicated hosting is the best solution for you. Unlike VPS, which shares CPU, and RAM (OpenVZ) with other hosted VPSs on the server, with semi-dedicated hosting, you will have dedicated assigned cores and RAM, which you can use around the clock subject to abuse policies.

Expert Advice

Both Dedicated Hosting & Semi-Dedicated Hosting are unique and come with their advantages. Many people are drawn to semi-dedicated options due to their low budget since you are sharing resources with other users and partitioning the cost as we described above in one of the points. This can be equalised to comparatively significant savings from your end. Taking budget aside, if your application doesn’t require high-end resources and still yet works smoothly with the semi-dedicated hosting packages, semi-dedicated hosting is the perfect fit for you!

On the other hand, if your application requirement requires constant, heavy, and resource usage, dedicated hosting is the best fit! Furthermore, due to 100% ownership of the resources of the complete hardware (RAM, CPU, Drives), bandwidth enables reliability, leading to stable performance. We have noticed that the more resources you share with others, the more likely you will face problems with the server. But, the fewer the resources you share with the others, the rare the chances you will face trouble with the server. Simple as that!

Still confused?

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