What’s a Semi Dedicated Server (Virtual Dedicated Server)?

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Updated May 31, 2018


Find out the differences between a semi dedicated server, virtual dedicated server (VDS) and full dedicated server, with clear explanation from the #1 virtual server hosting team in the world KnownHost.  Virtual dedicated server hosting has become more popular – regardless of whether the server is called VDS, VPS or virtual dedicated.


What is a Dedicated Server?


A dedicated server, also known as a fully dedicated server, means an entire server hardware unit is purposed for use by a single customer.


In other words, one spot on the server rack has a server, complete with network card, memory, hard drive (or SSD), motherboard, etc, etc, is all put in place just for the use of one dedicated hosting customer.  In this scenario, none of the equipment is shared by other customers.


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What is a Semi Dedicated Server?


A semi dedicated server, also known as a virtual dedicated server (VDS), is a shared slice of a dedicated server.


The most common name for a semi dedicated server is a virtual private server.  The semi dedicated server is where a dedicated server is shared among multiple users.  The most common way this is accomplished is through virtualization software, like a hypervisor.  Get the facts from the KnownHost blog for a full explanation of KVM and virtualization.



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What is a Fully Managed Semi Dedicated Server?


A semi dedicated server can be unmanaged or managed.  An unmanaged server is typically self-serve, DIY, or lower service, lower cost option.  Adding full management to a server means that you get a greater level of service, usually at a higher cost (though that can vary from a little to a lot, depending on the company).  Read more about the what it means to have a managed server.


What is the Difference between a Semi Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Server?


There is no difference between a semi dedicated server and a virtual private server.



What is the Difference between a Semi Dedicated Server and a Virtual Dedicated Server?


There is no difference between a semi dedicated server and a virtual dedicated server.



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Why Would I Need a Semi Dedicated Server?


Many companies start out with shared hosting, either traditional or cloud.  Either way, a small website with low volumes of visitor traffic won’t need a lot of server resources (we sometimes refer to as horsepower, like a car).


As a site becomes bigger, or more popular, the demands on the server increase.  This means more CPU cycles, more bandwidth, more memory and/or more drive storage.  Increased demands can also arise from installing an ecommerce or content management system, either of which can require much more to run than a basic website.



Where Do I Get a Semi Dedicated Server?


KnownHost proudly offers a range of traditional SSD virtual servers and cloud-based SSD virtual servers.  They are a high performance range that are fully managed, feature high specification and are satisfaction guaranteed.



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