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sale bannerUpdated January 1, 2020


Attention savvy shoppers, here’s a KnownHost blog exclusive – VPS discount and VPS coupon codes.  Save anywhere from 30% to 50% on selected hosting solutions now, including shared, cloud and virtual private servers.


All plans offered by KnownHost are 100% fully managed.  That means you’re not going to get an unconfigured server and left to figure out everything on your own!  Security, backups, migrations, DDoS protection – all come standard at KnownHost.  Every plan is fully managed by a team of excellent technical experts in Birmingham, Alabama – onshore.


50% VPS Discount on Hosting – For First Invoice Term

50 percent off


Smart shoppers know to check the terms of any sale offers – and VPS discount offers are no different. At Shared or Reseller plans.



Note:  This is only available on select shared and reseller plans, for the first full term – to a maximum of 3 years.



30% OFF – For LIFE – VPS Discount

30 percent off


KnownHost VPS hosting plans are a great deal at our full regular price.  However, we’re pleased to offer one special VPS discount (also known as a VPS promo code) that can be used on any of our virtual private server plans.


Whether you like the single-homed, ultra-fast SSD VPS’s or our new ultimate class of Cloud VPS’s, KnownHost offers an option to fit your business.  Cloud solutions normally range from $80 to $150 per month, but with this VPS discount, you’ll get them for 30% OFF for Life!  Our SSD VPS’s normally cost between $50 and $125 per month, but they are also available with this special 30% OFF for Life special VPS coupon code.


VPS Discount Coupon Code:  KH30LIFE


Claim the 30% OFF on SSD VPS or Cloud VPS plans.


Note:  This is only available on virtual private server plans.



All Plans – 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


money back guarantee


We’re so confident in our discounted hosting plans that we’re offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  That’s right, 30 days, unconditional money back guarantee on our shared/reseller and virtual private server plans.  Our goal is to be a business partner with every one of our clients – that’s why we have some of the highest retention rates in the industry (to go along with our best uptime rates in the industry).


All Plans – 100% Fully Managed


stopwatch sign time is money


At KnownHost, we know that time is one of your most valuable commodities, and no business owner wants to deal with web hosting headaches.  That’s the reason we offer only fully managed hosting plans.  You do what you do best – managing your company, while we do what we do best – managing your server.  Once you’ve tried a quality managed hosting company, you’ll never think twice of going back to unmanaged.


Your next step should be deciding whether you’d like to save 50% on shared/reseller hosting, or 30% for life on an SSD/Cloud virtual private server plan.  There’s no wrong choices at KnownHost!




  1. Salman
    January 24, 2020 at 10:07 am

    Thanks for sharing hosting coupon code

  2. Vikas
    June 4, 2021 at 6:15 am

    I was searching VPS discount and got it. Thanks for sharing the coupon code.

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