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Updated September 2, 2020 Every website is powered by a web server and most developers routinely choose to go with Apache for its commonality. However, at KnownHost, we take advantage of the industry-leading, fully customizable web server option – LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed’s objectives include; having the fastest built-in cache, intelligence + optimization, and complete acceleration. Having […]

Updated December 29, 2017   LiteSpeed is one of the industry-leading technologies KnownHost delivers to its customers to maximize their web success and return on investment. Litespeed provides website acceleration technology designed for WordPress and Magento, allowing even dynamic pages to load faster and function smoothly for very high numbers of site visitors and customers. […]

Best-Selling Commercial Web Server If Your Web Server Were a Clothing Store… Is LiteSpeed’s Model Better than Apache’s? Is LSWS Still Worth It over Apache and Nginx? Going LiteSpeed The Truly Light-Speed VPS   Best-Selling Commercial Web Server   The LiteSpeed website is convincing that its product is enterprise-grade and outperforms competition. “LSWS is the […]

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