Updated December 10, 2018   With these KnownHost DDoS protection resources, you’ll understand everything from the fundamentals of what DDoS means, to how DDoS attacks work, determining if you’re being hit with a DDoS attack, why hackers bother, how you can prevent DDoS attacks and what KnownHost DDoS protection can do for you and your […]

Unplanned outages cost the average data center $8851 per minute. That is an expensive minute. Given how huge that number already is, you don’t want the situation to become even more expensive because your customers don’t feel that they are in the loop. Acting quickly and getting out a careful, conscientious, and informative email to […]

Unveiling of the People behind Mirai Army of Thermostats and Routers Attacks How Do You Know if You Are Getting Hit by a DDoS? 5 Steps to Defend Yourself from DDoS Now More than Ever   Many people know Dyn as the domain name system (DNS) infrastructure provider that was taken off the Internet by […]

Brian Krebs. OVH. Dyn. And the open-sourcing of the code of the botnet that attacked them. Are you DDoS-defending your business? If not, now is the time.   A supercharged botnet 7 reasons DDoS is popular among hackers Action to DDoS-defend your business   A supercharged botnet   The Mirai botnet has been busy lately. […]