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Brian Krebs. OVH. Dyn. And the open-sourcing of the code of the botnet that attacked them. Are you DDoS-defending your business? If not, now is the time.   A supercharged botnet 7 reasons DDoS is popular among hackers Action to DDoS-defend your business   A supercharged botnet The Mirai botnet has been busy lately. In […]

Distributed denial of service. It sounds like a boring term, joining a laundry list of IT concepts that may or may not deserve your full attention. Well, increasingly, the threat of a DDoS absolutely does deserve your attention. Just ask any of the thousands of stores that lost sales on October 21, 2016, because they […]

Anyone Else Having a Problem?   Something odd happened on the morning of October 21st, 2016. Many Americans, mostly located in the Northeast though it was nationwide at some level, experienced strange outages. Many tried to take to Twitter to ask the Internet if they too were having Spotify issues…only to find Twitter was also […]