Updated February 12, 2020   Security is obviously a considerable issue because you need to know that the platform you are using is safe. So on a security scale, how safe is WordPress? Read further to hear our thoughts…   See Also: How to Set Up a WordPress Blog with KnownHost in less than 30 […]

Updated October 30, 2019   The spam situation has gotten a lot better from where it was ten years ago. However, don’t kid yourself into believing that this is a problem left behind. It’s a problem that’s very much with us today, and it’s evolving. Most of us comment on blogs using our social media […]

Updated February 21, 2020   WordPress is the most popular web platform in the world. We are going to go through some of the main reasons why you should use WordPress for your next web project.   The Popularity of WordPress Since 2013, WordPress has successfully become the platform of choice for more than 50% […]

The term responsive design basically refers to a kind of web design technique which makes a website adjust in width, according to the screen size of the user’s device. Generally, a responsive design for a website can enhance the browsing experience of the user because it makes the site flexible and optimized for any type […]