The incredible popularity of WordPress gives hackers an incentive to go after it. Once they find a way in, they can replicate the attack across thousands or even millions of sites. One of the most prominent ways that the CMS has been attacked most recently is through a content-injection weakness that was identified early this […]

When deciding on the backend environment of a site that will serve as the place where you’ll make all changes to content and functionality, there aren’t any wrong or right answers. While there are some specialty cases, like e-commerce, where you’ll probably want to help yourself by choosing an e-commerce specific CMS at least as […]

Is cheap-as-it-comes, bargain-basement shared hosting the best choice for your WordPress blog or site? Since your performance, your raw speed, is so critical to strong UX and even SEO, the short answer is, “Probably not.” Let’s look at the two options so you can understand why many blogging influencers recommend switching from shared to VPS […]

The spam situation has gotten a lot better from where it was ten years ago. However, don’t kid yourself into believing that this is a problem left behind. It’s a problem that’s very much with us today, and it’s evolving. Most of us comment on blogs using our social media accounts. Well, 40% of social […]