Why Videos Will Benefit Your Businesses Website

online video benefits

In a 2012 survey, B2B Demand Generation Benchmark compiled a report that shows that videos are the content marketing strategy that consumers respond more compared to other type of content. With this being the case, why doesn’t your website have video?

Lower Your Bounce Rate

As videos can seem annoying to some, the ones that users choose to click and watch can make all the difference for your sites bounce rate. That’s important considering how Google includes how long a visitor stays on your site as a part of their search ranking algorithm.

Google will consider your website as having quality content, whether visitors are reading or watching content on your site is of no concern to them.

Therefore, you want your visitors to watch engaging, yet short videos to capture their attention and hold them to your site. Watching videos will help your readers recall information months later down the road than just reading the content on your site. They can at least recall where they got the information.

Change Up the Content You Deliver

Another benefit of using videos on your business website is that you get to change the content that you deliver. Sure, content is king, but why does it always have to be context?

If you mix and match your content, when a visitor drops by, they surely will want to see what this new video is about. There could be something they want to see you do or they may want to see how a product works. This is much more different from the other articles that popped up in the search results.

Showcase Your Products and Services

As a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video can produce! Do you have new products and services you want to stand out? Rather than just spelling it out on your website, you can show your viewers what the product is and how it works.

There also is no limit to how you can display your business’ products and services either.

  • Produce a demo video showing exactly how the product works rather than a boring written description
  • Create how-to videos to help educate your customers and show unique ways to use your products
  • Create training videos so your clients will have something to reference while training their employees on how to use your products

Remember, SEO is Not Just About Written Content

As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been seen as white papers, blog posts, and articles, keywords are what really drive traffic to your website. Think about a YouTube video embedded in your website that uses keywords in the title and description.

Those keywords are being indexed by Google and help lead traffic to your website. You get a double whammy! You can lead visitors to your YouTube page to find other informative videos as well as lead them to your website.

Use Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

In addition to keywords helping drive traffic to your site, so do video’s. Videos are also heavily indexed no matter if it is YouTube, Vimeo, or Vivo. Some people actually search Google and select the video option in the search results. So create those backlinks to your website on them as well.

Increase Conversion on Your Site

Did you know that the likelihood of a consumer who is able to view a product in action is 144% more willing to at least add a product to their cart than those who do not watch the video? found this out and now has a library of well over 500 manufacturer videos on their website.

Animoto reports in their study of 1,014 United States consumers that 96% of their respondents find that videos help them with their online purchasing decision. 73% of their respondents said they would possibly purchase the product after watching the video.

Motions and Emotions Create Memory

Sometimes psychology says it all. Humans collect memories and associate them using all the senses: sight, smell, tastes, hearing, and touch. Now, while you cannot touch via video, the demonstrator can tell you how a product feels in their hands, right.

For a food website, a visitor’s senses are sure to rush looking at a slice into a mouthwatering pie. You can see it steaming as it comes from the oven. In addition, you will surely remember everyone sitting around the table diving in the pie.

Your website visitor now has an embedded moment in their memory. They are looking at the motions and emotions of those in the video. Depending on the content, it is sure to be video content easily shared.


Sure, it is hard to change up your content marketing strategy. Nevertheless, in marketing, the term ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ does not apply. Video marketing is needed to keep up with the competition and drive more visitors to your site and keep them coming back.

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