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New Income Stream – Self Hosted Ad Server

Updated April 5, 2018   Installing your own self-hosted ad server can unlock new income streams you never thought possible.  With the ease and convenience of Softaculous 1-click installs, putting your own ad server online can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.   With mobile being more than 50% of internet advertising, and over 20% year on year increases in ad spend, there’s a ton of space in the market for additional ad servers and networks – even one […]

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Your Own Social Network – Wishful Thinking or Truly Possible

Updated April 4, 2018   Is it possible to host your own social network where people with similar ideas, interests, hobbies, employment, or other connectedness can go to engage with one another?   Social network hosting can be as easy as installing with a single click using the Softaculous auto-installer, with a KnownHost application and social network hosting plan.     The Medium is the Message (~Marshall McLuhan quote)   There are people in this world who believe social networks […]

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Why Self-hosted WordPress Is the Way to Go.

In the world of online publishing, WordPress serves as a publishing platform to enable users to create, edit and publish content online. Two options of WordPress are available – self-hosted WordPress (known as and The differences are vast and each platform has benefits and drawbacks, depending on your needs. The Basics Fundamentally, and differ because one is software and the other is a website providing the publication service. is blogging software that enables you to […]

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