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The first step after developing a website is to choose a good, reliable web hosting provider with excellent uptime and required support 24x7x365 days. Finding a good web hosting provider is hard, and we fall into a big giant’s marketing trap. There are thousands of web hosting providers across the US, specifically who are doing […]

Updated March 1, 2018   Finding reseller cloud hosting that’s quality, business-class, full-featured and affordable – is nothing short of locating the elusive purple unicorn!  Fear not…  We’ve taken input from hundreds of real-world hosting customers and combined it into a recipe for the ultimate reseller cloud hosting plan.   Many designers, marketing companies and […]

Updated October 17, 2019 Are you interested in starting a reselling business? This short manual is your Reselling 101, providing basic understanding and direction so that you are able to succeed (diverse advice on the topic) – consultative help to make the decisions that will determine a game-plan for this business model. Then we will […]

Updated January 3, 2020 So you want to become a web hosting reseller? We’ll start with the basics. Let’s assume you’re an entrepreneurial new web designer or marketer. You’re just getting started in the industry and you’re trying to make it on your own by establishing your own business. Or, maybe, you already work for […]

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