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Read the entire post below on email hosting and you’ll find the 1 absolutely essential way to maximise your email inboxing rates, and many tips to help your email campaigns.


Four minutes of your time could help you bring in hundreds of customers over your lifetime as you improve your email hosting and sending.


Email Hosting – Uncommon “Common Wisdom”

Email hosting and managing email campaigns, in general, is a lot like taking care of your home.  A little regular, proactive, maintenance can yield big returns (or prevent big problems down the road).  There’s a hundred old adages about how a stitch in time saves nine, for good reason – it’s great advice.  Choosing the right email hosting is an essential component.

I’ve always known that great hygiene was good advice, but only recently was I able to apply that to email marketing!  These are only uncommon, because I find so many people not following these basic bits of good hygiene advice.


Take Good Care of Your List

Your email list is a gold mine, just waiting for you to find those golden nuggets.  The best way to do that is to take good care of it – by paying it the attention it deserves.

In college, a professor, who was apparently a big fan of wine, pointed out to me that a teaspoon of sewage was enough to ruin an entire cask of wine.  While I never tried that experiment, the point has stuck with me.

Repeatedly trying to re-send bounced emails is a great way of harming your sender score, and forcing ISP’s to put your email in the spam folder straight away.


Tip #1: Remove the bounces immediately

Tip #2: Block unsubscribes so they don’t get sent anything again


About the most offensive thing you can do is to send something to a person who just unsubscribed from your emails.  You can ask them if they’re sure, or offer them a chance to get back on the list, but don’t keep sending them offers.  It’s just how you must be….


Measure Twice, Cut Once

You know how long it takes to speel-check a document?  Under a minute.  Just copy and paste into Word and let it check your spelling and grammar.  Who didn’t notice that spelling mistake in the first sentence of this paragraph?  Everyone noticed.

A study of just one spelling mistake on a website found that fixing it led to doubled sales for the website


Tip #3: Check spelling and grammar twice – it could double your return




Check Your Scores for Free

The place you use to send email, your domain – your email hosting, determines a lot about whether your email gets sent to the inbox, spambox or nowhere.  You can freely check whether your domain is considered a good sender, or not, thanks to a couple of free checkers available on the web.

Yes, there are places where you can still get something for nothing!



Unlike the hit TV show The Blacklist, your email server surely shouldn’t aspire to be a big hit on the blacklist.  That’s because email blacklists are those lists of servers to be avoided – the ones whose email shouldn’t even possibly be delivered into a waiting inbox.

You can go to many FREE sites and check if you’re on a blacklist.  One of my faves has long been

On that site, you can even set up a free account and get email notifications whenever they find you’ve been added to a blacklist – very nice indeed.


Tip #4: Check the blacklists


Sender Score

Blacklists are bad – that part is a no-brainer.

However, there are other measures that tell just how likely you are to be a good sender, worthy of the venerable inbox.  Enter:  Sender Score.

Sender Score looks at a lot more, such as spam complaints, to come up with score about you, as a sender. You can check your score at

Check your score and if it’s less than ideal – you’ll find details about what’s needed to fix it.


Tip #5: Check your sender score


do not be known as a spammer


Absolute Essential – Email Hosting IP

The above five tips will help you know your reputation, and help keep it, as an email sender of good repute.

However, there’s one absolute must when it comes to email sending.


Your IP

Previously, I managed the marketing for a business intelligence company.  Great people, great product.  If you ever need a data visualization or business intelligence solution – Target Dashboard, a British company, is the gold standard by which companies in this space are measured.

After more than a year of creating and sending email campaigns, I had noticed that we had been blacklisted a couple of times, had to email support at our Email Service Provider to ask what’s up and when it would be sorted.  We also regularly were told by people, when asked how they liked our most recent newsletter, we were told that they hadn’t received it.

Sure, some people will just tell you that, because they didn’t bother reading what you sent.  But, when enough people say it, especially ones you know and trust, you have to suspect that your email isn’t getting delivered into the inbox.


Unique IP

Having a shared IP is like using someone else’s toothbrush, or wearing their underwear – it’s just not done, for good reason!

Absolute Email Tip: Get an IP of your very own and don’t share it with any other sites or senders!!!


Get a decent website host with a dedicated IP and send from there.  Alternatively, use a dedicated email service provider with a dedicated IP.

It’ll cost you a bit more, but it’ll put you in control of your destiny, not labelling you a spammer (when you’re not) and making sure your email gets into client/prospect inboxes at the best possible rate.



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