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Updated February 25, 2021 The State of Solid State Hard Disk Solid state drives (SSDs) are preferable to hard disk drives (HDDs) in various ways, such as speed and efficiency. They are a bit more expensive than HDDs, but the cost gap has narrowed during the last few years. Essentially, now the price is close […]

Updated July 30, 2020 SSD drives have many advantages over traditional hard disk drives and that’s why they are widely used in many latest models of laptops, desktops and tablets. SSD’s are faster, consume less power, make no noise and are more robust than traditional hard drives. Their only disadvantage was the high price tag […]

  Part two of our SDD series of posts today we explore the advantages of solid state drives benefits over hard disk drives and look into the further benefits of having a web host company who provides solid state storage over hdd. HINT – we do!   It’s either CHEAP or FAST, it’s never both […]

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