Open Source Hosting

The Open Source Technology That Powers Your Hosting Solution

When it comes to the technology that powers your business, there are generally two prevailing attitudes about it: 1. I have specific demands and I’d like to know what each piece of software is that’s keeping my website online. 2. I don’t particularly care what the software is, I just want the website to work with minimal headaches. Both of these attitudes are valid, but even if you’re in the second camp, it’s important to know what software is being […]

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What is CentOS, and Why Should You Care?

Being Linus Torvalds The story of Linux Things you wanted to know about CentOS but were afraid to ask CentOS is a particular distribution (aka distro) of the Linux operating system. Let’s look at Linux first to get a sense of that general technology and community, then take a direct look at this particular variation of the open source operating system. Being Linus Torvalds Like many major moments in computing or any field, when Linux was introduced, it didn’t seem […]

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